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Vintage Hawaiiana Dress Inspires A Dresser

Shanna Arthur distress distressed Mineral Spirits Polyshade Relief Design Vintage Hawaiian Dress Vintage Hawaiian Dresser Vintage Hawaiian Fabric

Once upon a time there was a dresser. This dresser was simple, neutral, and beat. When a friend came in and asked me to style it up, she gave me a few guidelines. She loved vintage Hawaiiana and wanted a "distressed"  look to the dresser. There was a piece of a dress on a cushion in the shop that she loved. 

Originally, the fabric was going to be glued onto the top of the dresser, but after I started designing the artwork for the drawers, the fabric didn't seem to match anymore. 

After sharing my thoughts with Heather, she agreed to move forward and let me have artistic freedom. The dresser came out astonishingly well. 

After applying poly shades with a rag diluted in mineral spirits, I took a brush and used the mineral spirits as the solvent to remove color, in turn, creating the design.  It was important not to wait too long to remove the unwanted Polyshade.

This is was a super fun project that all started with a little old Hawaiian dress.  Thank you Kerry for modeling it for us!

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